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First and foremost I’m a Christ follower. And here’s my awesome family–my heart.

I love each day as it comes–embracing each blessing that fills my life, none of them deserved

I’m also a author and public speaker. Check out my first book:

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It’s available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If you’ve read it, tell me what you think.

But Life did not stop there …

2011-04-10 01.59.03

Robin Luftig’s life was a good one. Wonderful children. Loving husband. Not a care in the world. She was certain her dark days were behind her. But on the night of April 1, 2011, her life was in the balance.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Luftig,” the doctor said, “but you have a tumor on your brain about the size of my fist. Do you want a priest or could I call the hospital chaplain for you?” Ten Days to Live tells the story of Robin’s ten-day journey through the darkest valley of her life. She found herself in the midst of a medical nightmare where her relationship with God had to be completely honest.

2011-04-10 01.59.03-1Ten Days to Live is a story of Robin facing the shock of her present, the fear of losing her future, and a time of reflection over a tempestuous past that she allowed define her for too many years.

Sometimes spiritual, physical and even emotional scars remain for a reason. Ten Days to Live recounts a life filled with scars, yet a life lived under the watchful eye of a loving and non-intrusive Heavenly Father. And no matter how far Robin tried to travel from God, he always remained close by.

But would he be there for her one last time?

Ten Days to Live is a story of redemption and triumph over brokenness. It’s a story about facing paralyzing fear and discovering that there is no place so far from God that he cannot reach through and redeem a willing heart.

 Watch for it!



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